Name Weight Availability Notes Page
Backpack 2 kg Abundant (+30) Allows 30 kg of extra weight but requires a full action to remove object. Incompatible with the Combat Vest. PG 170 CB
Chameleoline Cloak 0.5 kg Rare (-20) Gains +20 to stealth tests. PG 170 CB
Chrono 0 kg Plentiful (+20) Keeps time. PG 170 CB
Clothing 2 kg Abundant (+30) Used to keep warm or diguise yourself. It's clothing. PG 170 CB
Combat Vest 2 kg Scarce (-10) Holds 15 kg of items and can draw items in combat as Free Action. Incompatible with the Backpack. PG 170 CB
Concealed Holster 1 kg Average (+0) Attempts to detect a concealed weapon suffers -20 penalty, but readying the weapon takes and extra Half Action. PG 170 CB
Dead Space Earpiece - Very Rare (-30) Grants +20 against Concussive tests PG 170 CB
Explosive Collar 3 kg Scarce (-10) Range of 1 km, and if out of range for more than 5 minutes collar detonates and kills the wearer instantly. Removing requires a -20 Tech-Use. Explodes if the removal roll fails with 2 or more DoF. PG 170 CB
Filtration Plugs - Common (+10) Nose plugs. Grant +20 against gas. PG 171 CB
Photo-Visors/Contacts 0.5 kg Scarce (-10) Grants Dark-Sight trait. PG 171 CB
Preysense Goggles 0.5 kg Very Rare (-30) Grants +20 to vision in darkness. PG 171 CB
Rebreather 1 kg Scarce (-10) Immune to toxic atmospheres, even allowing water-breathing. Last for 1 hour, takes Full Action to replace. PG 171 CB
Recoil Glove 0.5 kg Rare (-20) Can fire weapons one-handed without -20 penalty. PG 171 CB
Respirator/Gas Mask 0.5 kg Average (+0) Grants +30 to resist effects of gas and can re-roll if failed. PG 171 CB
Survival Suit - Average (+0) Grants +20 to resist extreme environments. PG 172 CB
Synskin 2 kg Very Rare (-30) Grants 2 Armor to all locations not already armoured and +10 to Stealth tests. Also immuned to presysense goggles and Dark-sight trait. PG 172 CB
Void Suit 8 kg Scarce (-10) Enclosed suit for space. 12 hours of air and imposes a -10 to Agility tests PG 172 CB


Name Weight Availability Notes Page
Auspex/Scanner 0.5 kg Scarce (-10) Grants +20 to awareness tests and counts as a Free Action once per turn. With Tech-Use can see through walls less than 50 cm, has a range of 50 meters. PG 175 CB
Auto Quill 0 kg Scarce (-10) Grants +10 to recording data PG 175 CB
Clip/Drop Harness 2 kg Common (+10) Grants +30 to Climb tests and cannot fall if failed PG 175 CB
Combi-tool 1 kg Rare (-20) Grants +10 to Tech-Use PG 175 CB
Comm Leech 1 kg Very Rare (-30) Can hack a transmission with Tech-Use. Usable for minutes equal to Degrees of Success PG 175 CB
Dataslate 0.5 kg Common (+10) Used for data storage and communication - it's a tablet PG 175 CB
Demolition Kit 4 kg Very Rare (-30) Allows for setup of demo devices. Contains: Five demolition charges (count as Krak Grenades), 100 meter det-cord (burns at 10 sec per meter), and pressure detonator. PG 175 CB
Diagnostor 4 kg Rare (-20) Grants +20 to Medicae or Perception to determine proper treatment PG 175 CB
Disguise Kit 2 kg Very Rare (-30) Make you look like someone else. +10 to deceive tests PG 175 CB
Excruciator Kit 2 kg Very Rare (-30) Grants +20 to Interrogation tests. PG 176 CB
Field Suture 0.5 kg Average (+0) Provides +30 to Medicae tests to stop Blood Loss PG 176 CB
Glow-globe/stab light 0.5kg Abundant (+30) Glow-globe projects light in a 12m radius - stab-light projects a narrow beam 24m. Lasts 5 hours PG 176 CB
Grapnel and Line 2 kg Common (+10) A Clip-harness and Gas powered pistol to shoot a hook and line 100 m away. PG 176 CB
Grav Chute 15 kg Rare (-20) Pass a Challenging (+0) Agility test or Routine (+20) Operate (Aeronautica) test, and allows for a safe, guided fall from any height; otherwise counts as having fallen two metres for each degree of failure PG 176 CB
Hand-Held Targeter 0.5 kg Scarce (-10) Grants +20 to next Ballistic Skill check when using weapons with Indirect quality. PG 176 CB
Inhaler/Injector 0.5 kg Common (+10) Holds drugs that can be administered as a Half Action. PG 176 CB
Lascutter 4 kg Average (+0) Cuts or welds 10 cm of metal and counts as a Heavy weapon on targets within 2 meters. PG 176 CB
Laud Hailer 4 kg Scarce (-10) Aplifies normal speech levels to those audible through crowds PG 176 CB
Magboots 2 kg Rare (-20) Reduces Agility bonus by 2 but allows to grip to metallic surfaces. PG 176 CB
Magnoculars 0.5 kg Average (+0) Binoculars PG 176 CB
Manacles 1 kg Plentiful (+20) Handcuffs PG 176 CB
Medi-kit 2 kg Common (+10) Grants +10 bonus to Medicae tests. PG 176 CB
Micro-bead 0 kg Average (+0) Can talk to others up to 1 km away PG 177 CB
Monotask Servo-Skull 2 kg Rare (-20) Floating skulls that have a single function:
Auger: Grants benefits of an Auspex
Illumination: Lights up a 20 meter area
Land Hailer: Records speech and amplifies voice
Medicae: Counts as a Medi-kit
Utility: Counts as a Combi-tool
PG 177 CB
Multi Compass 4 kg Near Unique (-50) Grants a +20 bonus to all Survival and Navigation (Surface) tests PG 177 CB
Multikey 0 kg Scarce (-10) Gains a +30 bonus to Security test when trying to open locks PG 177 CB
Null Rod 1 kg Near Unique (-50) Dampen the powers of any psykers within 2d10 metres, causing them to take all tests to use any of their psychic powers with a -30 penalty. Also offer protection from psychic attacks by a +30 bonus to resist any psychic power that directly affects him. PG 177 CB
Pict Recorder 1 kg Average (+0) Camcorder PG 177 CB
Psy Focus 0 kg Average (+0) Grants +10 to Focus Power Tests PG 177 CB
Regicide Set 1 kg Plentiful (+20) Chess in the future and takes 1d5 hours. Grants +10 to fellowship with the opponent the following day PG 177 CB
Screamer 2 kg Scarce (-10) Activate by Tech-use test. It has a perception of 75 for detecting movement and when triggered sounds an alarm PG 177 CB
Signal Jammer 2 kg Rare (-20) Jams other transmissions within 1km PG 178 CB
Stasis Cage 6 kg Extremely Rare (-40) Hold anything with a Size trait of 7 or lower that does not possess the Incorporeal trait for five hours (if using the battery pack. Inside cannot take any actions, and outside of cannot attack or interact with anything inside. Compacts into a flat plate 3 meters across. PG 43 EO
Static Generator 3 kg Very Rare (-30) Broadcast static to all comm systems within 30 meters PG 178 CB
Stummer 2 kg Average (+0) Dampens sound and grants +30 to Stealth test. Last for 20 minutes before needing to be recharged PG 178 CB
Vox-caster 4 kg Scarce (-10) Offers communication to up to 100 km PG 178 CB
Writing Kit 2 kg Plentiful (+20) Pen and paper PG 178 CB


Name Availability Benefit Page
Augur Array Rare (-20) Identically to a auspex and requires concentration and a Half Action. PG 181 CB
Autosanguine Very Rare (-30) Repairs minor injuries and speeds recovery. Always considered Lightly Damaged, and heals at an increased rate, removing 2 points of damage per day instead of 1. PG 181 CB
Baleful Eye Near Unique (-50) Counts as a hot-shot laspistol with a range of 10m. It has no clip size, however a jamb result causes to lose sight in the eye for a number of rounds equal to the degrees of failure. PG 182 CB
Bionic Arm Scarce (-10) Common mechanical arm. Craftsmanship determines bonuses. PG 180 CB
Bionic Legs Scarce (-10) Common mechanical leg. Craftsmanship determines bonuses. PG 181 CB
Bionic Respiratory System Rare (-20) Gain a +20 bonus to Toughness tests made to resist airborne toxins and gas. PG 181 CB
Bionic Heart Very Rare (-30) Gains +1 Armour point to the Body location and Sprint talent. PG 181 CB
Bionic Senses Rare (-20) Common mechanical eyes, ears, and noses. Craftsmanship determines bonuses. PG 181 CB
Calculus Logi Upgrade Very Rare (-30) Grants +10 to Literacy, Logic, and Scholastic Lore tests. PG 182 CB
Cerebral Implants Very Rare (-30) Restore paralysed and brain-damaged users to a semblance of normality, but with a permanent loss of 1d10 points from the character's Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Intelligence, and Fellowship characteristics. Craftsmanship determines bonuses. PG 182 CB
Cranial Armour Scarce (-10) Adds +1 Armour point to the Head. PG 182 CB
Ferric Lure Implants Very Rare (-30) After a Willpower test, can call an unsecured metal object into his hand; the object cannot mass more than 1 kg per point of Willpower bonus, and must be within 20 metres. Must have Mechanicus Implants trait. PG 182 CB
Interface Port Rare (-20) grants a +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use tests whilst connected to a relevant mechanism or data spool. PG 182 CB
Internal Reservoir Rare (-20) Acts as a powerful battery. When it is fully charged, no longer gains Fatigue from using Luminen Capacitors either to recharge or attack something, but each use drains the reservoir by half. The battery fully recharges after one day of resting. PG 182 CB
Locator Matrix Rare (-20) Present location to within a few meters but must know planet detail. PG 183 CB
Luminen Capacitor Very Rare (-30) With a successful Toughness test, recharges or powers machinery. Difficulty depending on the nature of the powered system. PG 183 CB
Maglev Coils Very Rare (-30) Using a Half Action, the user may hover 20-30 centimetres off the ground for a number of minutes equal to 1d10 plus the character's Toughness bonus. PG 183 CB
Mechadendrite Very Rare (-30) Act as additional arms. Different types offer bonuses to respected operation. PG 183 CB
Memorance Implant Rare (-20) Provides a +10 bonus to Trade (Loremancer) tests or other tests in social situations where the recorded information provides leverage or value. PG 184 CB
Mind Impulse Unit Rare (-20) Add a +10 bonus to Tech-Use or Operate tests used in conjunction with devices capable of MIU linking. PG 184 CB
MIU Weapon Interface Rare (-20) Fires the linked ranged weapon as a Free Action during his turn. Note that he can still only take a single Action with the Attack subtype during his turn. PG 184 CB
Respiratory Filter Implant Rare (-20) Grants a +20 bonus to resist inhaled poisons, gas weapons, or atmospheric toxins. PG 185 CB
Scribe-tines Rare (-20) Grants +10 to all Lore skill tests. PG 185 CB
Subskin Armour Very Rare (-30) Adds +2 armor to Arms, Body, and legs which stacks with armor. PG 185 CB
Synth Muscle Rare (-20) Grants the Unnatural Strength (1) trait PG 185 CB
Vocal Implant Scarce (-10) Works to amplify the vocal cords to an inhuman range. PG 185 CB
Volitor Implant Rare (-20) Compelled not to reveal a certain item of information, remain within a set area, or perform a specific task. If the subject attempts'or is forced'to counter this compulsion, his brain shuts down into unconsciousness, or even death for some severe volitor patterns. PG 185 CB

Drugs & Consumables

Name Weight Availability Notes Page
Amasec 1 kg Average (+0) Distilled spirits. Think brandy, whiskey, etc. PG 172 CB
Desoleum Fungus - Scarce (-10) Lasts 1d10 rounds, and suffers 1 Fatigue. While under the effects can invert any 1d100 roll. PG 172 CB
De-Tox - Rare (-20) Clears any chemical effects. User is Stunned for 1d10 minus Toughness bonus rounds. PG 172 CB
Frenzon - Very Rare (-30) Grants Frenzied for 1d10 minutes. PG 173 CB
Lho-Sticks - Common (+10) Cigarettes for the grim darkness of the 41st millennium PG 173 CB
Obscura - Rare (-20) Enters a dream like state for 1d5 hours. If in combat consider them under the effects of a hallucinogen grenade. PG 173 CB
Ration Pack 2 kg Plentiful (+20) During rest of at least 2 hours or more remove one additional level of Fatigue. PG 173 CB
Recaf - Abundant (+30) Organic plant material roasted/dried and infused with caffeine. Removes 1 level of Fatigue. PG 173 CB
Sacred Unguents - Very Rare (-30) Oils blessed by the Omnissiah. Applied to weapon as a full action and becomes immune to jamming for one clip. Can be applied to an already-jammed weapon to immediately clear the jam. PG 173 CB
Slaught - Scarce (-10) Increase Agility and Perception bonus by 3 for 2d10 minutes. When over take a toughness test or suffer -20 to Agility and Perception tests for 1d5 hours. PG 174 CB
Spook - Rare (-20) Pass a Willpower test or gain 1d5 Insanity . If successful gains 1 psy rating or additional psy rating. Effects last for 1d5 hours. PG 174 CB
Stimm - Average (+0) Lasts 3d10 rounds and ignores any negative effects from damage, Critical damage, Fatigue, and cannot be stunned. When it wears off, they suffer a -20 to Strength, Toughness, and Agility tests for one hour and gains one level of Fatigue. PG 174 CB
Tranq 1 kg Abundant (+30) Numbs the body and mind. PG 174 CB